32 & 64 bit applications by the maker of Power-Link Software now introducing our
Canadian Content Music Studies

Teaming with Canadian broadcasters frustrated by inaccurate reporting we have produced a 4 stage Canadian Content MAPL measurement system to put CTRC audit concerns behind you and to save personnel time on preparing logs and confirming compliancy to the CRTC's Radio Regulations section 2.2.

Here is a report emailed after a new music compilation has been exported. This gives the user a preview of their Can con readiness
as schedued.

Here is a report emailed after a broadcast day has aired showing the actual as-aired percentages as well as the average MAPL value for the Can con portion.

On a designated way of the week a weekly recap is generated showing the scheduled vs actual results and the all important Monday to Friday 6am to 6pm tally for the week.