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As Power-Link "Raised The Bar" for 6,000 radio stations in the 1990's - - Now  
* New Technology for Ad Verification, Station Commercial Airplay Monitoring and Listener Interactivity *

Media-Check for readiness of automation media  

* for over 12 years and more than 2800 broadcasters, we have been
leaders for daily Commercial
Media Reconciliation and
* Assuring correct Commercial Continuity *
with Power-Link

YOU CHOOSE the Traffic and Digital playout System,
WE make them work together.

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With Power-Link, your choice of Traffic-&-Billing  systems can "talk" to Digital Playback Systems.  This allows a "two-way" conversation for  scheduling and later reporting back to traffic actual times and play status' for both  commercials and (additionally) music. 

Power-Link has become the "Swiss Army Knife" of commercial playlist transfer and reconciliation of Ads using the automation as play file.  We specialize in custom solutions for challenging broadcasting objectives.. 

We invite you to investigate  for yourself why so many stations have called on us for professional service for the confirmation of their commercial and music airplay.
If your digital audio  playback system is not 'talking' to your traffic &  billing system, you should be talking to us!


  • Power-Link  Software Systems offers complete traffic to  digital audio interfacing, regardless of the brands of  systems involved. This technology facilitates reliable  and timely data transfer between your traffic department  and a digital playback system, assuring accurate daily  reconciliation, and above all, accurate monthly billing. Power-Link  offers management the peace of mind that comes with  programming logs that are reconciled with accuracy and  billing that is precise and not likely to be in dispute.
  • Power-Link Software  Systems features our original Power-Link transfer and  reconciliation system, and  we now offer the  ultimate programmer's tool, Power-Merge.   It helps the operator prepare fully integrated commercial  and music schedules that are truly "automation ready".
  • The technology offered by our  products, in conjunction with our exceptional attention  to one-on-one training and consultation, is why many of  North America and Europe's biggest names in broadcasting  are now on our growing client list.

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