Power-Link Corporate Information

Power-Link Software Systems Incorporated
888-754-9337 - US & Canada
904-794-1953 - Tech Support and International Calls
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Power-Link was  founded in 1993 as computer based automation for radio was proliferating, by Richard H. Rowland, who after over a decade working as a radio station  chief engineer, discovered a great need for methods to interface traffic and digital audio  storage systems. An invention was born of necessity when he wrote an interface between the  traffic and automation system at Rowland Gulf Radio.

Since that first interface, Power-Link has been vastly added to and  improved upon. The program has become adapted to work with a multitude of traffic and  digital hard drive system combinations. It has also been upgraded to include far greater  functionality than the original system.

Because Power-Link is a company that operates "in the middle" of  manufacturers of both traffic and digital audio storage systems, we take great care to  operate with the utmost in professional integrity. We are dedicated to maintaining the  highest confidence level of those manufacturers with which we work.

With the recent advent of full-time tech support, Power-Link is committed to serving the scheduling, reconciliation and unique programming objectives of our client stations.

To this date Power-Link is installed in over 1800 stations in the United States and  Canada.

Power-Link President and founder, Rick Rowland (pictured here with his wife, Erika at Central Park in NY) is developer and author of all software systems. A graduate of Brown, Rick has spent over  15 years in radio engineering. Career highlights include serving as engineering consultant  for the South Africa Broadcast Company, engineering at stations such as WQIK / Jacksonville  and KPLZ / Seattle, and now for the past 15 years, he has developed and operated Power-Link  Software Systems.   (second language: French)