PL32.exe the 32 or 64 bit "real time behind-the-scenes component"

In action, serving hundeds of stations - 24/7 !

Media Readiness Reports providing tangible commercial readiness at log creation time and strategic time points.
Airplay reconciliation continual, periodic and at the end of the day, able to reconcile to multiple log sources.

Reports highlight
Likely problematic events when an event fails more than one test
Media called for before start day or after kill date
Dissimilar or erroneously labeled media (eg: scheduled GIECO but media labeled as Chevrolet?)
Media duration mismatches (eg: scheduling a :60 and it is :30 media?)
Slightly incorrect media duration detection (eg: :27 or :33 second media for a :30?)
Summary head count of logged events that are expiring over the next X days.
Detailed list of events found on current log that are expiring over the next X days

Other PL32 Real Time Functions Include
Auto Notification if excessive ads are missed is set up based on custom user criteria to alert station personnel if the automation system is failing to air commercials expected from program log..
Advertiser Schedule times notification sends concise and informative reports to advertisers, sales personnel or whomever has an interest in upcoming scheduled air times. Also promos or PSAs can be easily flagged to send to concerned personnel.
Daily Ad Duration Study – for music directors to more precisely schedule to the actual time used by commercials. This is a music director requested report showing the over time consumed by commercial matter and resolving down to each hour and break. Also current time is compared to same day and time over the past X days so as to show an increase or decrease in commercial time used expressed as a percentage.
Insertion Order Log Checking reads Counter Point Traffic Insertion Orders and checks program logs to see that theyh contain the called ISCI codes as per the Insertion Order.
Up to Moment Reconcile is a “heads up” email to station personnel showing ad clearance at particular time points during the day. This is typically used at the end of morning shows or any other features to give the accountability personnel a prompt report of success. Reconcile reports can be set to only send if playback problems exceed a set level to notify personnel in the events of excessive missed events.
End of Day Reconcile provides accountability personnel with an email in the morning showing the results of the prior day(s) reconcile in a top down manner starting with the potentially most egregious issues first. Bumped events and media errors are typically reported first to insure attention, then culminating in a complete accountability for the day using color coding to show possible errors. Optionally including the feature to query items and share with others. Examples: sending actual times to advertisers / sales personnel or promo times to promotions department.
Assembling Playlist from Multiple logs allows each contributing log to have it's daily needed instructions so that each day the proper logs are collected and optional logs are included as well. Log revision is completely supported along with a visual check of the resulting playlist with each event plainly labeled as to it's originating log.