PL32 Remote Control - The Desktop component for PL32 users to access the functions of PL32

Direct user access to PL32's many functions and data with powerful search capabilities of station playlists, reconcile data and automation commercial inventory (both current and past).


Reports highlight
On demand and near real time reconcile functions and allows viewing of reconcile findings in our advanced viewing portal that allows for different view and source logs to demystify any findings.
On demand Media-Check reports producing email reports with fresh data from automation alerting personnel to media problems.
Re-send of reconcile data to traffic or anyone on a custom list of recipients. As well reconcile results can be directed back to the calling intitiy so that a contributing database or agency can be supplied daily reconcile findings complete with the needed referencial data for their in-house traffic system.
Re-send of created playlist is done automatically ujpon detection of a log revision. Also a screen can pop up on users' desktop to show newly created playlist along side inventory information for each event with potential errors highlighted.
Viewing of playlist with potential media errors highlighted
and programming sources
Commands are simplified for easy user experience.
Ability to “confirm” a reconcile finding so that reconcile results can be published to advertisers, agencies and sales reps with confidence of correct and truthful reporting
Powerful Inventory View and Search functions put the automation's contents at the users' fingertips.